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The supply chain an eco-system combining expertise and professions.

The supply chain

Logistics and goods transport play a key role in the economic development of a country.
In Morocco, the Tangier industrial free zone and the port of Tangier Med stand out as pillars of international trade and logistics activity.

Customs transit and logistics solutions

We look at the innovative solutions that have been put in place to improve customs procedures, storage, warehousing and transportation of goods.
Customs transit and customs procedures have long been major challenges in international trade.
With the advent of new technologies and the adoption of intelligent logistics solutions, the Tangier industrial free zone and the port of Tangier Med have introduced measures to facilitate these processes.
Digital tools have been developed to simplify customs formalities, reduce delays and speed up the flow of goods. With regard to the storage and warehousing of goods, warehouse management software solutions have been integrated into the Tangier industrial free zone. These modern systems enable efficient inventory management, real-time traceability and optimization of storage space.
This enables companies to manage their inventories efficiently, guaranteeing smoother, more profitable logistics.

Three solutions for goods transportation

Sea freight and air freight play a major role in world trade. In Morocco, the port of Tanger Med is one of the largest in the Mediterranean. With its container handling and cargo handling capacity, it has become an essential hub in the region. Sea freight from Asia to Morocco also finds an advantageous solution thanks to the strategic geographical location of the port of Tanger Med.
Similarly, air freight plays a vital role in trade between Europe and Morocco. Fast, reliable air links enable goods to be transported efficiently, offering Moroccan companies increased export opportunities to Europe.
In terms of overland freight transport (FTL/LTL-DRF/IRF/TIR), the city of Tangier as a point of departure or destination is developing rapidly.
Modern road infrastructure efficiently connects Tangier industrial free zone and the port of Tangier Med to all destinations, promoting national and international freight transport.
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In conclusion, the Tangier industrial free zone and the port of Tangier Med in Morocco play a vital role in the evolution of freight transport, sea freight, air freight and logistics. Technological advances, such as warehouse management software solutions and initiatives to simplify customs procedures, have improved the efficiency and competitiveness of these sectors. Land freight, sea freight from Asia and air freight to Europe are also areas of significant growth.
With these developments, the Tangier industrial free zone and the Tangier Med port will continue to play an essential role in Morocco’s international trade and logistics.

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