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Logistics hubs in Morocco and the freight business

the freight business

The industrial acceleration zones located in northern Morocco, such as the TFZ (Tangier Free Zone), Tanger Med and TAC (Tanger Automotive City), play a crucial role in the country’s economic growth and in attracting business from the four corners of the globe. These logistics hubs offer modern infrastructures and high-quality services, making them highly sought-after destinations for international companies.
The TFZ, located near the port of Tangier Med, is considered one of the most advanced free zones in Africa. It offers competitive advantages to companies operating in various sectors such as the automotive, aeronautics, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.
Thanks to massive investment in infrastructure and simplified customs procedures, the TFZ is attracting an increasing number of foreign companies, thereby contributing to the region’s economic development. Tanger Med, meanwhile, is one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean region and plays an indispensable role in international trade.
Thanks to its proximity to Europe and its modern infrastructure, the port of Tanger Med offers rapid access to European markets. What’s more, it boasts an integrated logistics zone with modern warehousing and transport facilities, offering companies complete logistics solutions. As for TAC, this zone is entirely dedicated to the automotive industry, attracting the world’s leading manufacturers.

Freight transport, logistics & customs transitFreight transport, logistics & customs transit

It offers specific infrastructures tailored to the needs of this sector, enabling companies to benefit from an optimized supply chain and efficient logistics. Transport, customs transit, logistics and warehousing are also booming in these free trade zones. The deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is optimizing logistics processes, improving the traceability of goods, and reducing costs and lead times. Companies can now efficiently manage their inventories thanks to high-performance warehouse management systems (WMS) and transport systems (TMS). In addition, customs declaration software applications facilitate administrative procedures and help speed up the passage of goods across borders.

The specialist…

Against this backdrop, Autics Group stands out as a highly dynamic player in logistics, warehousing and freight forwarding in the northern region of Morocco, but also in the rest of the country and internationally.
Autics Group, which is based both in the TFZ and in Tangier Med, offers tailor-made support and consulting services for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain and increase business volume.
Thanks to its expertise and network of strategic partners, Autics Group offers comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the specific needs of each company. For customized support in logistics, warehousing, international freight forwarding and customs transit.
For further information, please visit the Autics Group website at : www.autics-group.com

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