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Your AUTICS partner – The new generation supply chain

The new generation supply chain

Managing the supply chain and international transport as part of import/export operations is a complex task, requiring specialized expertise. Companies are often faced with major challenges such as managing customs regulations, coordinating different modes of transport, and optimizing goods storage. To overcome these challenges, it is essential to join forces with a specialized partner such as Autics Group, whose expertise focuses on multimodal transport of goods in industrial acceleration zones, warehousing & storage, as well as customs transit operations.

  1. Expertise and in-depth knowledge

Autics Group has a team of experts with in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and specific logistics requirements. This expertise enables them to advise and assist companies in the preparation and management of their import/export operations, ensuring compliance with local and international laws.

The Autics Group team is regularly trained and kept abreast of the latest regulatory developments, ensuring accurate management of documents, taxes and customs procedures, minimizing the risks associated with non-compliance.

  1. Multimodal transport: flexibility and efficiency

Multimodal transport is an essential pillar of the services that Autics Group is able to provide you with support and assistance. This strategic approach combines different modes of transport, such as sea, air, rail and road, to create optimized itineraries.

This flexibility enables routes to be adjusted to the specific requirements of each shipment, resulting in shorter delivery times and lower costs.

Consulting on the choice of the most suitable routes, integrating various modes of transport, is a major asset of Autics Group, optimizing the speed, reliability and security of international deliveries.

  1. Warehousing & Strategic Warehousing

Autics Group provides warehousing and strategic warehousing solutions, playing a crucial role in the supply chain. Modern, secure warehouses are strategically located to minimize transit times and ensure efficient inventory management.

Thanks to automated management and advanced product traceability, Autics Group offers real-time visibility on inventory status, enabling companies to adjust their supply to market demand.

  1. Customized Solutions and Services

Every company is unique, with its own requirements and logistical constraints. Autics Group is committed to designing tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific requirements of each customer. In-depth analysis of logistics flows, combined with strategic planning, enables us to design customized solutions that optimize operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Autics Group’s customized approach ensures optimal supply chain management, enhancing customer satisfaction and global competitiveness.

  1. Customs Transit Management

Managing customs transit operations is a crucial step in any import/export process. Autics Group provides you with advice and guidance, ensuring that customs formalities are correctly completed, thus speeding up the passage of goods across borders.

Autics Group’s expertise reduces transit times and minimizes the risks associated with customs procedures, contributing to a smooth supply chain and on-time deliveries.

Autics Group is the ideal partner for optimizing your import/export operations. Our in-depth expertise, multimodal approach, strategic warehousing management and commitment to tailor-made solutions make Autics Group a key player in overcoming international logistics challenges.

Contact Autics Group today at www.autics-group.com to benefit from our know-how and propel your business to new heights on the global stage.

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